New Site Released

posted on 11/21/2014 6:10 AM by Eric Butler

It's been quite a while since the site received any love. This long over-due update introduces some brand new content! Here are some highlights of this release:

Sign In

For the first time ever on this site, users will be able to sign in using their social media accounts on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft.

New Blog

I'm moving the blog to this site in an effort to consolidate developer resources. I'll be posting blogs on various development topics that range from .Net to C++. Be sure to sign in using your social media account to engage in topic discussions.

Source Code

Looking for sample code for various languages? You'll be able to download templates and source code from JSFiddle and GitHub!

New Donation Campaign

I've created a GoFundMe campaign to offer a new way for people to show their support for this site and software. You'll notice the "Every bit counts" campaign on the right side of most pages. You can use this to donate directly toward my student loans. You can still donate to the general PayPal donation account if you wish.

More To Come

Over the next several months, I'll be working to bring the learning center and forums to this site. So stay tuned!

As a thank-you, please consider sending a small donation. You can contribute as much as you'd like.


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